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What should I do

My team hates me!

  • 3 min read

 “In a moment of truth, they told me I am cold and don’t care for them. They hate me! I don’t know why. They also told me that I don’t listen to their concerns and am not there when they need me. I can’t read their minds! I just had to sit there and listen to all they said. I was speechless. They just don’t see it! I make sure that we follow the deadlines because I don’t want them… 

This pissed me off Picture

This pissed me off 😤 !

  • 3 min read

“I am so frustrated! We had a meeting on Monday. As a team, we discussed the options, and in the end, we decided on what we needed to do next. It was done! We made the decision! But on Thursday, Ian came to me and told me to rethink the decision because he had some great ideas that worked better than we had. I am so pissed off! He always does this. He doesn’t speak up during the meeting; we… 

Don’t waste my time

Don’t waste my time!

  • 3 min read

“I woke up this morning and started organising my day in my head. Then I looked at my calendar 😫 Was full of meetings… Not again! 😞 When do I have time to prepare for them? When do I have time to do my real work?”  This is how Suzy started the day. She found herself struggling to keep up with the preparation for each meeting and often felt overwhelmed and stressed out. She is not alone. I was there… 

DISC Styles Picture

What tools can you use to build trust in a team?

  • 5 min read

Gabi, what tools should I use to find out who is in my team? What should I do to build trust in my team? I have a team, and I can’t change anything, what should I do to create synergy in the team where all the people go toward the same direction, and people don’t step on each other’s toes? These are the questions I usually receive when we discuss building cohesive teams. I also asked myself these questions when… 

yeam rowing picture

Are they giving their best and rowing in the same direction?

  • 4 min read

For me, it is surprising how much money and time is invested in technology and knowledge gain and how little is invested in building cohesive teams. Every time when I work with a team, I realise that knowing the “what” is not the problem, people know what they should do to get better results.  The challenge is in the “HOW”, and how to implement the “what”. Now, everything we want to know is at 1 Click distance. Information is everywhere…