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What should I do

 “In a moment of truth, they told me I am cold and don’t care for them.

They hate me!

I don’t know why.

They also told me that I don’t listen to their concerns and am not there when they need me.

I can’t read their minds!

I just had to sit there and listen to all they said.

I was speechless.

They just don’t see it!

I make sure that we follow the deadlines because I don’t want them to work outside of working hours. So the weekend should be for them.

Isn’t it?

I shut my door when I work because I get distracted, and I want to be productive.

When I am productive, I can be clearer with them.

They know they can talk to me when they need help, but they never do it…..because the door is closed.

I ask them to look at the possibilities because I want them to be open-minded; it’s not because I want to avoid them and I don’t see the problems. ….. I want to find solutions!

Meetings are for discussing important stuff and making decisions, not for chatting! If they like to chit-chat, they can do it when they have lunch break.

I meet with them individually monthly to discuss challenges and opportunities to see how to adapt to the requirements. Not because I micromanage them!

Even if I do all that…. they tell me I don’t care for them!

I do care for them, and this is the reason that I am organized, to the point, and demanding.

Maybe I care for them in a different way.

Not the way they expect me to do.

This is how one of my clients started the session.

She is task-oriented, and mainly people-oriented people make up her team.

As a manager, it can be challenging to balance the demands of tasks and the needs of your team.

The majority of the conflicts in a team are because task-oriented and people-oriented people don’t understand and value each other for what they bring to the table.

 I will leave here a video 🎥  to learn how to identify task and people-oriented people.

What would you do differently in your team if you were my client and wanted to show your team that you care for them?

I am curious to see how would you approach this situation.

Please write me an email at  with your approach. How did it go? What were your results?