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How to approach difficult people in your team in a way that won’t make them mad, but that will make them change for the team’s success

4 easy steps with high results for your team

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It is a simple method that I have validated in the past 5 years while working with difficult people and building cohesive multi-cultural teams.

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Meet Gabi

In the past 5 years, I have dedicated my professional life to a single subject: working with and building cohesive teams that make the impossible possible.

By chance (or not), I started to work with teams when I joined a dysfunctional team and I wanted to do something about it. Since then, I’ve worked with many multi-cultural teams with people from 34 countries around the globe.

When you focus so much on a single objective, you inevitably understand it inside out. And if you are in a safe environment (which I was so lucky to have), you reach mastery quickly.

During this time, I’ve worked with individuals and teams on how to: build trust, approach difficult people, build healthy conflict, achieve commitment and buy-in, embrace accountability, and focus on results.

Having an excellent background: Bachelor in Psychology, Masters in Career Development, LAB Profile and DISC Trainer and Consultant, ICF Certified Coach – ACC, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified in Applied Neuroscience, and Practitioner in Brain and Behavior Change, all of these made me bring results faster than other coaches and trainers.

Again, an excellent base…..but the most I learned from massively applying in real situations what I learned from my formal education.

And now I want to share with you the priceless lessons that I’ve learned.

To build a cohesive team that achieves the impossible is challenging and fascinating at the same time.

Unfortunately, not many people are willing to roll up their sleeves and change how they approach their difficult teammates, in a way that makes them change for the team’s good.

I will show you how to get high results when working with difficult people. It’s a fascinating journey!

You just need to have the desire to learn. Are you ready?

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